Shirodhara (Non-Credited Course)

Purpose: Synchronize the brain waves between the left and right hemispheres – to create balance, stability and deep relaxation in the body and mind at the conscious and sub-conscious level.
• Main purpose is to activate the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands to release hormones to create balance and restore it’s proper function.
• Nourishes and calms the nervous system. Enhances mental clarity and cognition.
• Releases mental tension and fatigue, while reducing headaches, migraines, stress, depression, insomnia, memory loss and sinus issues.
• Inhibits hyper activity (ADHD)/hypertension.
• Stimulates hair folicales and prevents hair loss and dandruff issues.
Class Includes:
• Learn about herbal oils according to Dosha and pathology.
• Learn basic Ayurvedic head massage before Shirodhara.
• Shiro-mama points.
• Performing Shiro-dhara.
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Ayurveda
Classes limited to LMT’¬s Only
1 day intro 9am -1pm $225.00
All necessary materials are included in class tuition. Limited enrollment for a more personalized session.
Please call Ayurveda life works to pre- register 503-317-1583.
*Shirodhara pots are not available for sale at this time.
on to pre- register 503-317-1583.
*It is very beneficial to receive shiro-dhara with Ayurvedic Head massage. Please look under education/classes for more information.