Abhyanga & Garshana(Non-Credited Course)

Ayurvedic oils are customized to balance the dosha of the individual, taking into consideration the current season. A synchronized massage is performed by one or two therapist, using warm herbal oil to the constitution on the individual’¬s body.
• Elimination of toxins and impurities from the body.
• Nurturing of the un-balanced dosha.
• Improves circulation.
• Improves function of the nervous system.
• Improves the function of the endocrine system.
• Leaves you totally relaxed & rejuvenated.
• Increase mobility.
• Releases muscle tension.
• Great for people recovering from serious injuries or surgeries.(consult primary physician)
• Acute Arthritis & Stiffness.
• Soothes the skin.
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Ayurveda
Classes limited to LMT’¬s Only
1 day intro 9am -12pm $195
All necessary materials are included in class tuition. Limited enrollment for a more personalized session.

Please call Ayurveda life works to pre- register 503-317-1583.