Ayurvedic Head and Marma Point Massage (Non-Credited Course)

Purpose: Apply accupressure to energy points on the head to release mental stress and fatigue. Reduces insomina and depression. Massage also stimulates hair folicles, and promotes new growth, nourishes the nervous system and reproduction of health blood cells.
Purpose and Benefits:
• Increases mental relaxation, focus, and mental clarity.
• Enhances mood.
• Promotes good sleep.
• Reproduction of blood and restoration of brain cells.
• Total rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit.
Marma Points are energy centers or passages of the head, neck, and face. When blocked, it causes stress dis-ease, dis-harmony between the junction points of the mind and body. Mama points massage with Ayurvedic oils according to your dosha (body type) and pathology are used to enhance total relaxation and rejuvenation, to restore balance between mind and body.
• Learn marma points of the head, face, and neck.
• Learn Ayurvedic head, neck and face massage.
• Learn Herbal oils according to Dosha.
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Ayurveda
Classes limited to LMT’¬s Only
1 day intro 9am – 12pm $195
All necessary materials are included in class tuition. Limited enrollment for a more personalized session.
Please call Ayurveda life works to pre- register 503-317-1583.