Ayurvedic Nutrition (Non-Credited Course)

In considering Ayruvedic principals, eating to your body type (Dosha) is an important aspect of an individual’s Health and Wellness. Eating certain foods that are likely not to digest properly, causes a build up of toxins and stagnant waste material in our digestive system. Eventually this causes blockage and malfunction of our digestive system and organs causing discomfort and disease. Hence, proper well balanced nutritious meals with herbs and spices according to your dosha to support health digestion is vital.
Class Includes:
• Learn about the three body type, Pitta, Vata & Kapha.
• Learn the constitution of your body.
• Learn dosha appropriate foods, herbs & spices.
• Learn how to bring about balance to the unbalanced dosha.
Class Activities:
• Making dosha specific blend of curry and chai masala.
• Prepare an Ayurvedic meal according to all three dosha (tridoshic meal).
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Ayurveda
1 day intro 9am – 1pm $195.00
All necessary materials are included in class tuition. Limited enrollment for a more personalized session.
Please call Ayurveda life works to pre- register 503-317-1583.